31 – Not sure what came first, the way my mind was racing or the pace that Leo and I were keeping when we made our way up to the horse farm. I guess we both sensed the storm approaching, because the wind was blowing like crazy and the branches of the white oaks were creaking, scraping against one another. Oh and the rain was on the brink of turning into sleet as it hit our faces.

Leo seemed determined to get to the farm as fast as I’d let him. He never pulled on the harness, but he walked ahead of me with his lead outstretched, not right by my side like he usually did. I think he wanted to take me on MY walk and get me home safely before the storm.

Me? I was trying to keep up with the flood of memories that were zooming through my mind. Not sure why, but the wind unleashed thoughts about other storms, hurricanes and blizzards, bringing in wood, shoveling the deck, scraping windshields while babies sat in car seats, kids throwing snowballs.

Sometimes I marvel at the amount of memories, the old films that play in my head. How can I be this age? How can my kids be grown? How do all the memories fit inside these fleeting moments I call my life? How could my husband have died so many years ago? And my parents?

Let it snow. I need a good storm tonight.