34 – My neighbor’s dog died this week. He was a bearded collie, a handsome friendly guy. He had a good long doggie life with a loving family who took him on long walks in the woods. Leo and I went to say goodbye to him at the end. He couldn’t see us or hear my voice or Leo’s barks and he could hardly stand, but he knew we were there. I got the feeling Leo understood. So sad.

And Leo has dog sniffles. I didn’t know dogs got such things, but apparently they do. I want to give him chicken soup. I sing to him, mostly Leonard Cohen, and then try to explain that he’ll feel better soon, that his nose will stop running. He looks at me with his human-like greenish brown eyes, cocks his head, and seems to understand that too.

So I take him for abbreviated walks and I sing a little more and snuggle a little closer. I am so grateful for my pup, that he’s not an old dog yet. I long for sunshine and for Leo to feel better so we can go on one of our long beach walks. We need the sound of the surf. It always makes us feel better.   And the wind. And no more sniffles.