36 – A brilliant biting wind this morning on East Chop while we walked. White caps in the navy sea, the sun in our eyes, we took the path by the beach rather than staying on the cliff. Leo loves exploring the different scents there, the brown frozen grass, the broken shells. I wonder sometimes if he smells his friends when we walk – ‘ah yes, my buddy the black lab has been here.’

A heavy heart again today with the news that my dear old friend Jon died. A fall down stairs. Imagine, all that risk taking in younger years, all those plans and dreams and sweet friendships and wild ideas and he was taken down by a fall. Jon, my friend who fed me coconut ice pops and played piano while I sang when my heart was broken.

Another lesson to stay in the day. Be in the sunshine, face the wind, I remind myself. Hold on to love and keep marching. Jon – master bluesman piano player, Ray Charles singing man, the guy with the biggest smile and most open heart, the dear teacher of our children, died falling down the stairs. RIP Jon.