38 – It’s the dying week, the week ten years ago when Herb’s courageous fight was ending. I was brave then. I pray I never have to be that brave again.

I need to walk. I need to walk more than ever right now, this weekend, and a nor’easter is coming.   Perhaps we’ll walk in the storm. Makes me wonder how life would be without walking with Leo.

I would miss the wind messing my hair and the sun in my eyes. I would miss the sounds of the deer in the woods, the crackling branches, birds calling, the pinkletinks. I would miss the salty air at the beach and the misty fog, the pitch dark nights and the yellow circle that my trusty flashlight shines onto the rutty dirt road.

I would miss watching Leo find his rhythm and start to strut. I would be lost without him, lost without walking. I miss Herb. Ten years.