42 – Leo and I walk alone today, the sun shining on our faces and on his curly fur so creamy white after our shower together. I can feel Spring trying to burst forth but the trees are still bare and we’re still stepping over branches from the last storm. Yes there are a few purple and white crocuses, but they’ve had a hard time of it this year with all the snow and cold and ice.
Somehow the ten-year thing has changed me, the fact that I’ve been a widow for a whole decade. He stays young. I age. But he would be so proud, so pleased. How can so much time pass so quickly?
Still I look at my children and my grandchildren and yes, there is proof. Life goes on. It’s their world now. I watch. I walk. I listen. I cherish them and participate. Being with them, with loved ones, is the magic. I make the most of it and appreciate the blessings. And my heart feels full. I am so grateful. And Leo is my best friend.