44. So the best part of walking right now is the awakening, the way the trees are budding and the daffs are finally in bloom.We walked on East Chop again, our favorite place, and not only was Nature bursting, but there were people opening houses, taking boards off windows that face the northeast winds, sweeping porches.

It feels hopeful to see life coming back like that.  This winter was hard, grayer than most, cold and dreary, nuclear winter, I called it. But now, Leo pranced along and I felt my own body picking up the speed, breathing in more deeply, appreciating the sun’s glint on the sea just a little bit more.

Today was the memorial celebration of my best friend’s life, the friend I lost in December.  I struggled with the juxtaposition of her life gone and this sense of awakening.  Perhaps that’s all there is though, this particular duo, this ending and beginning. But it was the music that got me, the way the family sang and played and I could not only hear their hearts calling but I could hear the heart of my dear Chris, so far away and yet so much a part of all of us.  Rest in peace dear Chris.  I miss you.