45. When I hurt my knee a couple of weeks ago I worried that I wouldn’t be able to walk with Leo.We both counted on our walks, so I decided to try to take walks anyway.  Like I said before, Leo’s more Muppet than canine. Other dogs pull.  Other dogs rush ahead and repeat what they’ve always done. They keep up the brisk pace.  They don’t ‘think’ about mom back there limping along trying to keep up.  They don’t make it easy for her.

But that’s not Leo.  I explained to him that I had to go slowly. I showed him my sore knee.

Now dogs can’t understand that sort of thing, can they?  I didn’t think so, but sure enough, Leo got it.  He rambled along at a very slow careful pace.  He stopped every few steps and looked back at me to make sure I was okay. He seemed content to stop, sniff around, wait, proceed.  He never once pulled, never rushed along at our usual clip.  And he didn’t ‘complain’ about turning back too soon like he would if we were really walking our regular walks.   He just accepted the new way and made the best of it.

How can a dog be such a best friend?  How can he be so connected to me?  It comes with breeding, great breeding and a lot of love.  Bless you Leo.  And thank you Sunny for giving us these beautiful pals.