We walked yesterday up the dirt roads around the Menemsha docks.  The sun was brilliant, just warm enough to remind us that summer only just ended and autumn was beginning, and the air was calm.

We took our time walking up the road to the Coast Guard Station.   No rush this time.  This walk wasn’t for exercise, but just to enjoy the late afternoon.  We passed the  sweet cottage up there, a very special place, almost like a storybook house, and little boats, some still moving out and others coming in.

And then we walked on the dock that ran behind the quaint food stand that was closed and the little general store.  There was a stillness, a certain peace.  Leo kept a good pace, stopping occasionally to sniff patches of grass where other dogs had stopped.  But it was on the way back to the car, while still on the narrow cement slab dock that he surprised me.

A car was creeping towards us.  I moved closer to the side of the dock and pulled Leo nearer to me.  There were only a couple of slats of wood between my legs and the boats lined up in the water below a good eight to ten feet down.

Leo looked at the car, then at me, and he moved around me so he was right there between me and the edge of the dock.  There was only a small open space between him and the boats and water below.  And then he did it.  He leaned his entire body, all his weight against my legs and pressed hard towards the inside of the dock to keep me from getting too close to the edge.

Oh Leo, once again, you put me first.  You protected me.  To think, you’ll be six later this week.  Happy Birthday sweet Leo.  Happy Birthday dear boy.